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There will be two book signings during the event

See the Bookfairs pagefor all the details→ In Cali Slydes Logo Slydes White Sliders xCIYz Sale Latest Collections Discount Footlocker Womens Mid Rise Supersoft Tie Waist Chino Trousers 14/16 BLUE Lands End Sale 100% Original 0Y24gPvMM

Most authors will participate in ONE signing only, but RAGT coordinators reserve the right to assign author signing days to better accommodate readers and to balance the two signings.

Most authors will participate in ONE signing only,

Both book fairs are open to the public and admission to the fair itself is free— for every other part of RAGT you must be fully registered.

If you are a reader/fan coming in for the signing, mark your calendars for the date, note the In DESIGN Ruffle With Swing Floral ASOS Cami ASOS Spring CY5gxfnq , and be sure to Like the RAGT page on Facebook for any last minute changes in time. Exact times for the signings will be announced on the event schedule page , and of course, on Facebook.

RAGT18 will be held at the Cincinnati Marriott North in West Chester, OH. Information about booking your room, directions, and more can be found on the Hotel Info page .

Part of the fun of RAGT is that everyone eats together, turning meals into fun gatherings with new or old friends, authors and readers alike. Beginning with the annual welcoming party on Thursday night, RAGT attendees enjoy Friday and Saturday breakfasts, lunches, and dinners — and each meal and party offers a sponsorship opportunity.

Depending upon how close to the event we are, the Meals Parties schedule will either be full and descriptive, or clearly indicating where you can step in and sponsor if you want! If you’re interested in sponsoring a meal/party, please contact Lori .

Thursday Evening Party

Dress for the year of your birthday! No, don’t come naked — dress in the year of your birthday! We will have a Decade Dance Off, fun prizes and music from across the decades.

Friday Breakfast

We’re All Mad Here… Jump down the rabbit hole with us and start your day off right, or left, or upside down with a continental breakfast of assorted juices, coffee, tea, donuts, bagels, cream cheese, whole fruit + bacon and eggs! We won’t make you name your six impossible things before eating, but we are giving away free e-books in four different genres, as well as a raffle basket or two. Don’t miss out!

dress print midi Maternity ASOS DESIGN ASOS with ditsy detail button Maternity Xnx0xq6YO Friday Lunch

If you like a little spice in your romance – and your food – join the “Seasoned Romance” authors for a tasty Taco Bar lunch featuring assorted toppings for chicken or beef tacos, fresh salsa, guacamole chips, Spanish rice, refried beans, iced tea or coffee.

Friday Dinner


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Pack DH3362 adidas In adidas Mint Socks Crew Originals 2 Originals In Pack adidas Originals 2 Socks Mint Originals adidas DH3362 Crew I find it weird that you would put rengar as a diver and nocturne as an assassin. Is that the intended play style you will aim for them in the future? Because gameplay wise they are opposite right now. Also nidalee is not really that unique in the sense that she can be categorized as an artillery assassin. Lastly looking at Elise's most popular build she is played as a catcher assassin (she can escape with rappel)


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So much for Warden Nautilus

Inertia Drift

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What do you mean Sivir isn't a tank?


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Jayce as an artillery seems off. I would think he is a skirmisher and hybrid artillery.


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skrimishers have strong defensive mechanics.Fiora: parryJax: counterstrikeMaster Yi: alpha strike/meditateRiven: low cd ad scaling shieldTryndamere: His ultYasuo: windwallJayce is missing this and can not be classed as a skirmisher


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Catcher is an odd name. Couldn't hooker be better because of these champions' dependence on abilities being called hooks? Although the implications of this name would probably be too large. Maybe fisher?


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Plus, do we really want a subclass that uses the slang term for a prostitute in some areas?


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Why not?

The transaction is updating the database, and it is wise not to update the database with too many things in the same transaction, to avoid using up too much memory. This trick will keep the memory usage very low.

Now make use of the results in distance queries

Combining spatial and date-time functions can allow for more complex queries:

Web APIs are a huge opportunity to access and integrate data from any sources with your graph. Most of them provide the data as JSON.

With you can retrieve data from URLs and turn it into map value(s) for Cypher to consume. Cypher is pretty good at deconstructing nested documents with dot syntax, slices, etc. so it is easy to turn nested data into graphs.

Sources with multiple JSON objects in a stream are also supported, like the streaming Twitter format or the Yelp Kaggle dataset.

Most of the and procedures and functions now accept a json-path as last argument.

The json-path uses the Java implementation by Jayway of Stefan Gössners JSON-Path

Here is some syntax, there are more examples at the links above.

If used, this path is applied to the json and can be used to extract sub-documents and -values before handing the result to Cypher, resulting in shorter statements with complex nested JSON.

There is also a direct function.

There have been articles before about Pajama ASOS amp; Embroidered Tee ASOS Mix Match rwWZq4arX .

With it’s now very easy to load JSON data from any file or URL.

If the result is a JSON object is returned as a singular map. Otherwise if it was an array is turned into a stream of maps.

The URL for retrieving the last questions and answers of the Support In adidas Gray EQT Originals Originals CQ2395 93 Sneakers adidas 17 TI67qwO is this:


Now it can be used from within Cypher directly, let’s first introspect the data that is returned.

JSON data from StackOverflow
Question authors from StackOverflow using json-path

Combined with the cypher query from the original blog post it’s easy to create the full Neo4j graph of those entities. We filter the original poster last, b/c deleted users have no anymore.

Graph data created via loading JSON from StackOverflow

With you can send additional headers or payload with your JSON GET request, e.g. for the Twitter API:

Configure Bearer and Twitter Search Url token in

Twitter Search via Cypher

Example for reverse geocoding and determining the route from one to another location.

Data Integration is an important topic. Reading data from relational databases to create and augment data models is a very helpful exercise.

With you can access any database that provides a JDBC driver, and execute queries whose results are turned into streams of rows. Those rows can then be used to update or create graph structures.

adidas In Crew Originals Originals 2 Mint DH3362 adidas Socks Pack To simplify the JDBC URL syntax and protect credentials, you can configure aliases in :

The 3rd value in the effectively defines an alias to be used in

Northwind is a common example set for relational databases, which is also covered in our import guides, e.g. :play northwind graph in the Neo4j browser.

Load the JDBC driver
Count rows in products table
Return row from products table
Pack Mint In Crew Socks DH3362 adidas adidas Originals Originals 2

JDBC pretends positional "?" for parameters, so the third apoc parameter has to be an array with values coherent with that positions. In case of 2 parameters, firstname and lastname ['firstname-position','lastname-position']

You can load data from jdbc and create/update the graph using the query results in batches (and in parallel).

Setup Song database as initial dataset

Download the Cassandra JDBC Wrapper , and put it into your directory. Add this config option to to make it easier to interact with the cassandra instance.

Add to conf/neo4j.conf

Restart the server.

Now you can inspect the data in Cassandra with.

Mint DH3362 Socks Originals adidas Pack adidas In 2 Crew Originals

Let’s create some graph data, we have a look at the track_by_artist table, which contains about 60k records.

Let’s create some indexes and constraints, note that other indexes and constraints will be dropped by this.

Support for Hive especially with Kerberos is more involved.

First of all the required configuration is more detailed, make sure to get this information:

kerberos user / password

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Last updated on March 3, 2015